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K2 Marketing offers clients an integrated service based upon strong strategic marketing principles.

We provide a number of different services including but not limited to; Strategic Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media, Web Design, Direct Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design and more.

We work with you to determine the right message for your business and what you want to achieve with your marketing. Based on this, we then develop a marketing strategy which combines the types of marketing which are best suited to your business.

Using this as the fundamental approach to all our clients marketing, we have enabled most of them to reach their objectives in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Once we have identified the right communication channel for you, we bring in our expert team of designers, web developers and PR consultants to bring your message to life.


Let’s get things straight – marketing is not rocket science and it’s not black magic.

Marketing is simply about creating engaging and compelling messages with key target markets that will help to grow your business.

The problem for most businesses nowadays is the ability to be heard above the thousands of other messages that the same target market is being bombarded with every single day.

To do this you must first be able to identify the market you want to target, understand their needs and then communicate with them in a way which gets their attention.

An example of this can be seen on social media. In a world where many people spend a lot of their time scrolling through various social media platforms, businesses need to find a way to really stand out from the crowd and get noticed. However, at the same time, they need to communicate with a purpose, whether that’s to grow their brand awareness or get more people to their website.

That’s why it’s so critical that we identify the right channels to communicate through, to ensure you’re hitting the right people in the right way – there’s little point in spending excessive amounts of money on newspaper advertising, if you’re target market doesn’t read the paper.

We can help you to make your marketing work for you – and what is more it need not break the bank. To find out more contact us now.

Graphic Design

K2 Marketing develops design solutions that are based on the strategy and objectives of the client.

Before you commit to any design, always ask yourself – who am I targeting and what response do I want?

We never advocate rebranding for rebranding’s sake and a new logo or a brochure isn’t always the solution to your problems.

We work together to understand your target market and your business objectives before creating an integrated solution that meets your requirements.

Your design should be consistent and instantly recognisable to your target market. It must create an image that represents your company and it must communicate the message concisely and effectively – we can help you to do this.


  • Create a newsletter that sells rather a brochure that informs
  • Look at online and email solutions that do not require extensive print runs
  • Instead of an expensive newspaper ad, why not look at facebook advertising?